PG Diploma In Industrial Robotics | RPA - Robotic Process Automation In Bangalore

Industrial Robotics training in Bangalore provides knowledge to develop Robotic integration & Automation in product and process Industries and enhancing our Industrial skills and calibre.

About Course

Our PG Diploma in Industrial Robotics will provide you with the knowledge of Foundational Technologies of Robot Operating, Programming, and Integration in a Manufacturing Process.
Robotics process automation (RPA) in the Industrial sector has proved to improve productivity, safety as well as the quality of the end product while allowing the human operators to take up more value-added roles which creates career opportunities for Industrial Robotics Professionals.
We at Schematic Industrial Solutions help you to upskill your career in Industrial Robotics by providing PG Diploma course in Industrial Robotics.

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  • Programming Advanced I/O instructions
  • Naming variables and applying variable data
  • Defining and using position variables
  • Using the system variable
  • Programming advanced arithmetic instructions
  • Loading from the Compact Flash / USB
  • Defining cubic interference zones
  • Setting axes soft limits
  • Setting TCP operating envelope
  • Customising parameters
  • Shifting jobs / points (Parallel & Mirror Shift)
  • Using software options such as PMT, Relative Job, Concurrent Job, Interrupt Job, Search Function, and External Reference Point
  • Setting pendant preferences and key allocation shortcuts
  • Communication Protocols

Course Details

  • Duration : 1 Month

  • 5 Case Studies

Course Highlights

Learn from our experts and experienced Industry specialists and upskill your career in Industrial Robotics to get placed in the core Industries.

Guidance from the experts

We provide guidance from the Industrial Experts to solve all your theory and practical queries.

Hands-on Training

We provide Hands-on training experience to our students to gain the practical and indepth-skills about the Industry.

Guaranteed Career growth

We guarantee you that we provide quality training which helps with growth in your career.

Placement Assurance

We make you Industry ready as per the trends with all the prerequisites through our detailed training courses.


Yes, you will be provided with a professional certificate after the successful completion of the training.

After completion of the course, and successfully clearing the exam we will issue the professional certificate to the participants.

Yes, our Industry Experts provide you 360 degree career assistance to help our students grasp the best in the core industry. We make sure your experience of learning with us is worth it.

Our training is for one month of period which includes theory and practical hands-on training sessions. 

Our experts provide both theory and practical classes.

After completion of the course, you are qualified to take up any of the roles.
1. Robotics Engineer
2. Automation Engineer
3. Robotics Programmer
4. Robot server Developer
5. R & D Robotics Engineer

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