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We at Schematic Industrial Solutions provide Automation Services to empower Industries. We provide a complete portfolio of Top-Class Services to ensure the highest performance of your equipment and processes which are outstanding with excellent quality.


The term Automation was first used in the Industry in the early 90s to describe the increased use of Automatic Devices and Controls in mechanised production lines. Automation is a technology that is concerned with performing a process with the help of programmed commands which is combined with Automatic feedback control to ensure proper execution of the instructions.

So, the resulting system is capable of operating without human intervention. The Development of this technology has become increasingly dependent on the use of computers and computer-related technologies.

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Robotics is the use of Machines (Robots) to complete the tasks which are traditionally done by human beings. Robotics is used in Automobile Manufacture Industries to perform simple repetitive tasks, and in productions where the work is done in an environment that is hazardous to humans.

Robotics is a field which is rapidly growing mainly in the Automobile industries as it can take up the job of human beings easily and also execute tasks that can be dangerous for humans to fulfilĀ  such as defusing a bomb, exploring mines and shipwrecks.

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